Astro B.yond: Volume Control & Controlling Your TV with the B.yond Remote

Got a request to post about this subject so here goes.

Why can’t I change the volume on my Astro B.yond?

You can but you need to programme the remote. Before I show you how to do that here is a brief explanation as to why you need to do this.

Welcome to the world of Digital Audio.

When using HDMI or digital audio coax cables the audio is direct out digital audio unprocessed. Digital audio has no volume control it is just 0’s & 1’s that represent the wave form of the sound as it was transmitted. Basically the audio level is set and this is true of all devices that use digital audio outputs including DVD & CD players. Therefore just like a CD or DVD player connected with a digital cable the audio is controlled by the TV or Amp that is connected to the speakers. Thankfully the Astro B.yond remote can be set to control your TV.

Using the Astro B.yond Remote to control your TV.

Each TV set works differently so its up to you to programme the remote to your TV.

Apart from being able to control the TV’s volume with the B.yond remote you will be able to also control the power, av input & mute of the TV.

There are 2 options for programming the remote control. For both of them make sure you are close to your TV set to ensure you get the best results.

Option 1 (using your TV code)

List of codes

Option 2 (forces the remote to scan its database of TV codes)

Now the astro B.yond remote is controlling your TV functions but you need to do one last programming step.

Controlling your TV’s Volume

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17 thoughts on “Astro B.yond: Volume Control & Controlling Your TV with the B.yond Remote

    • You need to press and hold both the OK & TV/Standby buttons until the indicator light blinks. Then you enter your codes one button at a time.

    • Hi Kong,
      Have you checked the b.yond website for the full list?

      If it’s not there then use the generic code as described above.

  1. nice one! i noticed if using some other incompatible codes from the same tv-make, it will turn off the tv fine but turns on in a different av mode. so i chose a suitable code that shuts off my tv and turns it on again in the right AV mode. after that tried the volume control setting and walla…. everything is controls fine

  2. Hi,
    Whenever I turn off using Astro remote,when I turn on again using Astro remote “TV” button, my TV go to channel 1 instead HDMI channel.

    I have to press 4 times in AV button that located at Astro remote in order to reach HDMI.

    How do I default when I off my TV and turn on back,my TV is default to HDMI.

    My temporary solution is turn off TV using original remote control and turn on using original remote control.I only use Astro remote beyond to control the volume.

    • It’s all about the quality of handshake over the HDMI connection. Establishing a good connection often means powering up devices in the correct order and powering them in the correct order.

      It also is dependent on other connection you have going on to. If you have more then one HDMI input going into a tv and other digital inputs too then you need to tell the TV what is the default digital input.

      It’s doesn’t stop at plugging cables in you really need to know the tv and or home theatre HDMI and AV settings.

  3. hye bro justin….my lcd model is LA32S81B

    ive tried all the codes for samsung…yet still nothing happen…..also tried the 2nd option….does it means my lcd din have the feature for this?

    • There is more codes on the official website, try them.

      Make sure you are close to the TV it can be tricky keep trying.

      • yahuu…thx bro..actually i press astro button(right) instead of tv button(left)…huhu…

      • Glad you got it working. Don’t forget to now do tv & vol+ so you can have volume control of the TV with the byond remote.

  4. Can I also control the volume of my home cinema installation? what is the process to program the home cinema table to my astro b.yond remote?

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    • Hi MSN,

      We are working with our channel providers to provide this service on HD in the future.

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