Astro B.yond: User Guide Download & more TV codes

We’ve update the website

User Guide

You can now download the PDF file of the  user guide  here

or you can find the link at the bottom of this page

TV Codes

Tv codes are the codes you use to programme your TV to the astro B.yond remote control. We now have a huge list of codes covering most TV brands.

You can find the codes by going to and click the “view codes” link below the remote control.

for instructions on how to use the TV codes see my earlier post here

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14 thoughts on “Astro B.yond: User Guide Download & more TV codes

  1. Hi,

    1- Thank you for having this webiste. You are like the light at the end of the big dark cave.

    2- I wonder how many 5.1 channel or show on Astro b.yond right now, how to know is the show is 5.1, any indicator to look for?



    • Thank you,

      All HD channels are 5.1 capable. The channels are not yet informing us which shows are 5.1 so currently you will only notice when you listen

    • Looks nice but zero content that want to watch and is totally flash based so can’t be viewed on iPhone or iPad(I’m sure they will release an app though).
      What any of this has to do with the topic of my post is b.yond me!
      Obviously you are from Altmedia or part of their online marketing group.
      If you further spam my blog with unrelated comments I will delete them.

  2. bro, i know i should be calling astro on this, but i can’t find any manual that teaches how to record with series link, how does the series link function and why sometimes it does not work.


    • It’s in live testing at the moment and not fully functional so some results might fail, I’m sorry about this but it just can’t be fully tested in a non live environment, hence why we aren’t marketing it yet.
      To use it look for a show that has the icon on the EPG. Press record once to record it press record again to record the series.

      That’s it.

      It can take several minutes before the Planner updates the future booked shows in the series.

      To playback you access recordings from the Planner ( fastest way to the Planner is to press the Play button)

  3. Bro,

    1- The manual did mentioned how to set up the byond remote to be a TV remote. I follow the it line by line and managed to get it to work. How ever, where can I find the correct code for my TV? This is because I found 3 to 4 codes that able to control my TV. When I use the TV remote, the channel will always select the HDMI but when using byond remote the channel changed to 1 (Normal TV broadcast) which I did not select or set up.

    2- To my unluckyness, the PVR set that was installed a few hours ago cannot detect the smartcard. The installer already call the customer service but the technician can only come in, to the rescue within 48 hours. What to do to speed things up?

    Nism, TG

    • You can use the AV button on the Astro remote to change to HDMI. some times it might not programme this switch due to the quality of the ‘handshake’. I’ve got a link in the blog to the website where all the tv codes are listed

      Regarding the card activation. I’m sorry I can speed that up for you. It’s in the hands of the installer.

    • Codes are based on manufactor of the remote. I dont know what brand your AVR is or if its remote is a universal remote?
      Regardless I have no codes for tuning another remote to the B.yond box.
      If you have a universal remote try programming it so that learns.
      Good luck do reply if you have any luck

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